Amazing! Watch the video that French football players made about their journey to Moldova

Before joining Chişinău, the French players posted a video clip on the French Football Federation's YouTube channel about their journey. They woke up early in the morning to the Clairfontaine training base and got ready for the road.

Visibly sleepy, French national star Antoine Griezmann was looking forward to the trip.

"-Farewell! I wish you to win! -Thanks buddy! I'm happy! "Said Antoine Griezmann, footballer.

His colleagues had already made their plans for the match against Moldova.

"We have to go back from this trip with three points. It is the most important thing, "said Moussa Sissoko, footballer.

In the airplane, starts of hundreds of millions of euros spent their time playing cards, watching movies and surfing the internet.

And when landing at Chisinau airport, the players were delighted with receiving bread and salt.

"-Taste! It's very tasty! -Thank you!"

In front of the hotel they are staying, several French footballers stopped to greet their fans and offer sign-ups.

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