All travel agencies from Moldova must know this! Announcement made by Prime-Minister Pavel Filip

Prime Minister Pavel Filip urged all Moldovan travel agencies to be removed from the shadowy area and to create a favorable and fair competitive climate. These changes regarding the economic agents in the field were discussed today in the Government meeting.

"This is one of the most important agencies subordinated to the Government. Now I want things to move very quickly. We should have a balance and know what we have to do. For example, on Wine Day, it was an escape that tourism agencies did not participate", said the Prime-Minister Pavel Filip, stressing that tourism is a great potential for our country to be capitalized.

At the meeting, the head of the Investment Agency, Rodica Verbeniuc, presented the report on the current situation of the reorganization of the operational activities, the current activities and the concept of promoting the country brand, specifying that the mission of the institution is to improve the national tourism image, in order to attract investment and increase exports. The concept developed in this respect is due to be officially launched at the Moldova Businsess Week event, which will take place in late November.

During the meeting, an action plan of the agency was also presented, which aims to: increase investments in the HORECA sector, digitize tourist information about the country, create interactive maps in the field, and internationalize some tourist routes, such as Stefan cel Mare Wine Route known to the general public in Romania.

At the same time, the prime minister emphasized the importance of ensuring fair competition in the tourism sector in the country: "I wish to see all the tourist agencies removed from the shadow area to create a favorable and fair competitive climate. We need to change the approach of liberalizing the activity of economic agents on the one hand and on the other hand they must provide quality services to both foreign tourists and those from the country "

Referring to the promotion of exports and attracting investments, Pavel Filip has called for a consolidated vision to be drawn up. "Participating in international exhibitions, the country's participation, prospects and economic effects must be examined. These events are important, but I want a household attitude, let's spend the money efficiently", concluded the Prime Minister.

The meeting also discussed some difficulties faced by the administration of the Investment Agency, in particular mentioning the issue of accessing external financing. The prime minister assured the Government that it would provide all necessary support to support the institution's efforts to overcome the challenges.

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