ALL-TIME RECORD for PUBLIKA.MD: 1,050,000 unique visitors in October 2016

PUBLIKA.MD builds up its leading position in Moldova’s on-line and reached an all-time traffic record in October 2016, according to Google Analytics.

Our portal saw the highest traffic in terms of unique visitors in October: about 1,050,000.

They read our stories, live broadcasts and video reports, generating about 7,200,000 views and over  2,160,000 visits.

Month: October 2016

Unique visitors: 1,043,896
Visits: 2,610,905
Views: 7,199,945

Source: Google Analytics

The day after the election PUBLIKA.MD was watched by over 100,000 unique visitors, who generated over 500,000 views and over 157,000 visits. The morning hours were accessed most, when the viewers wanted to learn the poll results and watch live broadcasts.

31 October 2016

Unique visitors: 105,722
Visits: 157,845
Views: 490.309

PUBLIKA.MD portal has improved the video quality, has come up with a new concept of live broadcasts on pivotal events, online exclusively, and created the first news bulletin presented online for Internet users.

All those have significantly contributed to the number of views of the stories presented in Romanian, English and Russian on PUBLIKA.MD.

We thank you for that.

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