ALFA fighters from SIS celebrates 26 years of activity

The Detachment with the ALFA Special Destination of the Intelligence and Security Service (SIS) celebrates 26 years of activity. On this occasion a festive meeting was held with the participation of the intelligence and security officers and the management of the institution.

At the event, Vasile Botnari, the SIS director, addressed a congratulatory message, noting that the detainees' officers have always shown professional maturity and demonstrated professionalism, regardless of the complexity and difficulty of the service missions.

"I am confident that we will be able to respond positively to the expectations of the citizen, society and the state, and we will be able to justify our affiliation to such an important field such as ensuring the security of the state," Vasile Botnari said.

He thanked the veterans who were at the foundation of this elite subdivision, established honorable traditions, fulfilling his duty with dignity and a high degree of responsibility in protecting the integrity, independence and security of the Republic of Moldova.

The Director of the SIS reiterated the importance of cooperation within the special intelligence subdivisions, pointing out that it would provide the opportunity for an exchange of experience and the dissemination of good practices for information officers to be able to practice at the highest level and become an entity with operational capacity similar to those in advanced countries.

In order to fulfill conscientiously the service obligations, special professional competence and a meritorious contribution to the defense and promotion of national interests, some of the officers of the ALFA Detachment were awarded departmental distinctions.

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