Alexandru Slusari sees 'nothing new under the sun' that CC judges were appointed politically

Alliance ACUM-PSRM acknowledges offhand that Constitutional Court judges Vladimir Ţurcan and Domnica Manole were appointed based on political criteria. PPDA faction President Alexandru Slusari doesn't deny, even sees nothing wrong with this. 

"We never hide that after the unsuccessful contest, Parliament made a decision to appoint two persons based on political criteria. Nothing new under the sun", Alexandru Slusari said. 

Meanwhile, President Igor Dodon also coughed up that two members of Constitutional Court were appointed on political criteria. 

"Socialist Party delegated only two persons in Government and a person in Constitutional Court. From the start, I dissented with the appointment of two members of Constitutional Court would be based on political criteria. The partners who insisted on this format made a great mistake", Igor Dodon mentioned. 

The former Socialist MP Vladimir Turcan was promoted to chairman of the Constitutional Court by secret vote by a majority of the constitutional judges.

After the appointment, several NGOs issued a statement expressing their "deep concern about the non-transparent way in which the Parliament appointed the two judges to the Constitutional Court".

In their statement, the NGOs say that "such a way of appointing, without explaining the reasons for cancelling the results of the previously organized contest, based on political criteria, denotes a lack of consideration for this institution and further undermines public confidence in the independence of the High Court".





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