Alexandru Jizdan: Recently more citizens express gratitude toward Police Officers

Minister of Internal Affairs, Alexandru Jizdan posted on social networks that more and more citizens express their gratitude toward patrol officers and their help in managing traffic, as well as assisting pedestrians at crosswalks near educational institutions.

"More citizens are recently reporting patrol officer's actions and thanking us for taking actions, which pleases me. National Patrol Inspectorate, as well as Capital's Police Department have turned their attention to helping citizens, especially children at crossroads near schools and drivers that need to stand in traffic, having started managing the traffic at intersections" Jizdan wrote on Facebook

At the same time, Alexandru Jizdan wrote that officers are performing the "Umbriș" ("Tint") operation and can be spotted more often on the streets, in order to prevent traffic law breaches that endangers the lives of those nearby.

"I thank Police Officers that responsibility and willingness and that are daily on duty to ensure the citizen's safety. Good actions must be encourages, therefore we will make changes to improve things around here" Minister of Internal Affairs wrote.

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