Alexandru Jizdan: Hard times reveal good people

Hard times reveal good people. It is the message ex-minister of the interior, Alexandru Jizdan, at the end of the mandate.

"Dear commanders, officers, non-commissioned officers, civil servants, colleagues and loved ones from the MAI family,

At the end of my term of office, I would like to thank you for your confidence in me for your dedication and professionalism.

I was honored to work in a professional government with people who really love their country and their people.

How good a man is, he can not accomplish all of himself. I do not have to talk about the achievements of these three years and five months, they have spoken the facts for us, but it is certain that everything that has been done has been teamwork, a team I am proud of, "said Alexandru Jizdan, a post on Facebook.

At the same time, Jizdan said the Ministry of Internal Affairs deserves to continue all the processes of development, modernization and change for the better.

"That's why my dear colleagues urge you to remain as loyal to the profession and take care of the people.

My successors only give them a few wishes: continue what we started doing, do what we did not, give the police reasons to stay, respect the system values, and let the veterans open the door to the MIA.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is my family for 27 years, leaving the ministry does not mean the final departure.

Dear colleagues, I remain always close and ready to offer a helping hand.

God bless!"

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