Alexandru Jizdan birthday: Congratulatory message by Romanian counterpart Carmen Daniela Dan

Alexandru Jizdan, Minister of Internal Affairs, celebrates today his birthday. On this occasion, his Romanian counterpart, Carmen Daniela Dan, wrote a congratulatory message on a social page.

"Today is an important day for my counterpart Alexandru Jizdan, Minister of Internal Affairs, Republic of Moldova. A year with difficulties because the responsibility of the office he has is enormous, and Minister Alexandru Jizdan is a responsible person who totally dedicates himself to the fulfillment of his obligations!

I met him personally and had the opportunity to see that we share the same moral and professional values. He is a fair man, dedicated to the fellows and profession, always available and determined to do everything in his power for the goodness.

I respect you, Minister, and I give you the most sincere wishes of health, happiness, accomplishments on all levels, and the longevity of your mandate! 

Happy Birthday! ", wrote Interior Minister Carmen Daniela Dan on her Facebook page.

A congratulatory message from colleagues for Minister Alexandru Jizdan also appeared on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova

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