Alexandru Bujorean member of PLDM criticized PAS and PPDA

PAS-PPDA bloc has been criticized by Alexandru Bujorean, the vice-president of the Liberal Democratic party. He requested the ACUM members not to slight the candidates who will run independent.

At the same time, Bujorean asked Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase to withdraw their candidate who runs on No.41 constituency.

Alexandru Bujorean showed he he worried about the thing that Andrei Nastase said that the independent candidates should not run for the February 24 elections.

"If I don't belong to a certain party this means I am independent", said Alexandru Bujorean, PLDM vice-president.

The lawyer of Gheorghe Petic, the leader of Ungheni PPDA headquarter who is accused of sexual harassment is forbidden to run for the elections.

Angela Istrate is being pressed by the members of PAS and PPDA to withdraw from Ialoveni constituency, in order to let Liviu Vovc candidate run.The attacks have been criticized by Viorel Savva, a Moldova who lives in New York. He announced that he will run on the USA, Canada constituency. On his Facebook page, he gave a lesson to the PPDA leader, Andrei Nastase about the Constitution. 


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