Alert! Four kids including a toddler diagnosed with tuberculosis in Bălți

Four kids including a 9-month child from Balti have been diagnosed with tuberculosis in the last two weeks.

Specialist of Public Health Center carried out checks of all people who contacted with the children. 

"We have a major problem with tuberculosis. We have a few cases in the the last two weeks, in school", said Feodora Rodiucova, Head of Health Department, Balti City Hall.

"Every case is being investigated. We did the sample in children. School employees were subjected to X-rays, "said Elena Tureac, head of the Public Health Center in Balti.

According to preliminary data, children would have contracted the disease from one of the family members. Situation of the nine-month-old baby is unclear for the time being.

The authorities say the child would have been abandoned in a curative institution in the city.

"The little girl's mother is not from Bălţi but from Briceni district. We are looking for her now," said Elena Tureac, head of the Balti Public Health Center.

Since the beginning of this year, 13 new cases of tuberculosis have been detected in Balti.

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