ALERT! Prisoner in Goian ESCAPED. Officials request for help

A prisoner serving his sentence in the open sector of Penitentiary no. 10 of Goian (commune in Transnistria) escaped. This 23-year-old man was sentenced to 2 years in prison for having caused a road accident.

The detainee carried out repairs on the prison territory. The guards noticed the young man disappeared yesterday evening. Until now, it's not been clear how he managed to escape from the guard. If caught, he risks extra years of detention as a consequence. 

At present, the penitentiary system employees, together with the police, take operational measures to search and determine the place of this prisoner.

Representatives of the Penitentiary Institutions Department are requesting help to anyone who has information about the prisoner's place of residence or other important details regarding investing the case, to call either of these numbers: 0 (22) 40-97-87, 0 (22) 35-08-90; 078 777 450.

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