#ALEGEPUBLIKA. Statement of Moldova's leadership after exercising the right to vote

Pavel Filip, the Democratic Party President, said he voted for Chisinau to have a good administrator as mayor and for a team in the Municipal Council capable to implement the investment projects proposed by the mayor.

"I voted for a mayor who will look after the city. I voted for a team who will be capable to implement the investment projects. I voted because I want my grandchildren and my children to live in a comfortable city, where they would enjoy living. We had a period of uncertainty which created chaos. I expect more discipline at the City Hall as a result of these elections," said Pavel Filip after exercising his right to vote. 

Pavel Filip, the Democratic Party President

When asked if there would be a second round, he said probably. 

"It's not my duty to forecast this but considering the number of candidates for the position of Chisinau mayor, I think there will be a second round".

Parliament President Zinaida Greceanîi 

Parliament President Zinaida Greceanîi voted for a mayor who knows the city's problems. 

"I voted for a mayor who knows well the city's problems. We expect a mayor who won't make political shows. We need a mayor who will care for Chisinau and other localities. The people of Chisinau are intellectual and know how to make a right vote", said Zinaida Greceanîi.

Prime Minister Maia Sandu

After exercising her right to vote, Prime Minister Maia Sandu said she voted for honest people in all public functions, including local public administration. 

"I vote because I am a responsible citizen and I want to invite all citizens of the Republic of Moldova to go to the polls, because your vote today can help us strengthen our fight against the Mafia system. Because we see that lately some representatives of this system have the nerve to try hard to continue the corruption schemes at central and local level.

The government will be able to help the citizens if you elect honest people who represent only the interests of the citizens of their settlements. 

"In the capital we have a lot of problems, which have accumulated because of irresponsible people who were in charge. I wish to see a responsible, brave mayor, a fighter, because in Chisinau the first thing to do is to wage total war on corruption. And also, I want this mayor to be supported by a responsible council, not by one that would boycott him,” said Maia Sandu.

Moldova's President Igor Dodon

Moldova's President Igor Dodon said he voted for a professional mayor. The head of state has told journalists that "things will change for the better in Chisinau". 

Igor Dodon has urged all citizens to be active today, because a lot depends on this vote.

"Local elections are held only once in four years. The time when demagogy ruled at municipality leadership level is over. I'm confident that, maybe even today, things will change for the better in Chisinau", said Igor Dodon. 

General local elections are held in Moldova on Sunday, 20 October, #ALEGEPUBLIKA. The voting citizens are electing their mayors and councilors in 1,969 polling stations open throughout Moldova. As a result of the local election, 898 mayors and 11,580 local councilors will be elected. 

Meanwhile, four uninominal constituencies are holding new parliamentary elections today. The voters from constituencies no. 17, 33, 48 and those in the district no. 50, Western Europe.

The voting procedure started at 07:00 and ends at 21:00.

There were printed a total amount of 7.8 mln ballots for general local elections, with over MDL 3.6 mln being spent on it.

According to the Central Election Commission's (CEC) data, the total number of voters registered in the State Register (RS) of voters is 3,285,894 people.  

The poll will be monitored by 1,745 national and international observers accredited by CEC.

The latest information about these elections is updated on www.alegepublika.md, on our Youtube or Facebook page. 

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