#ALEGEPUBLIKA. Over 1 million Moldovan people cast their ballots, shows CEC

Over a million of people have exercised their right to vote on Sunday, 20 October.  

General local elections are held in Moldova on Sunday, 20 October, #ALEGEPUBLIKA. The voting citizens are electing their mayors and councilors in 1,969 polling stations open throughout Moldova. As a result of the local election, 898 mayors and 11,580 local councilors will be elected. 

Meanwhile, four uninominal constituencies are holding new parliamentary elections today. The voters from constituencies no. 17, 33, 48 and those in the district no. 50, Western Europe.

The voting procedure started at 07:00 and ends at 21:00.

There were printed a total amount of 7.8 mln ballots for general local elections, with over MDL 3.6 mln being spent on it.

According to the Central Election Commission's (CEC) data, the total number of voters registered in the State Register (RS) of voters is 3,285,894 people.  

The poll will be monitored by 1,745 national and international observers accredited by CEC.

The latest information about these elections is updated on www.alegepublika.md, on our Youtube or Facebook page. 




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