#ALEGEPUBLIKA. How did Chisinau citizens vote in general local elections

Preliminary results of Electoral Commission show that Socialist and bloc ACUM obtained the most votes for Chisinau Municipal Council. 

PSRM    37.62%(82988)

ACUM    33.27%(73381)

PL           6.36%(14021)

PDM       4.00%(8818)
PP „Șor”  3.85%(8495)
PUN        2.78%(6132)
MFN        2.13%(4689)
PCRM      1.70%(3744)
According to alegeri.md, in new Chisinau Municipal Council: 
Socialist Party will have 22 mandates,
bloc CUM: 19;
Liberal party: 3; 
Democratic party: 2; 
Sor party: 2; 
PUN: 1
Communist party: 1. 
Following the local election on October 20, many suburbs of Chisinau have elected their mayors in the first round. 

Commune Cruzeşti: CRUDU VIOLETA (Liberal party)           65.82%(466 votes)

Commune Tohatin CEBOTARU SERGIU (independent)     64.18% (801 votes)

Village Coloniţa ZAPOROJAN ANGELA (PSRM)                  72.96% (1160 votes)

Cricova GUȚAN VALENTIN (independent)                         65.57% (2087 votes)

Vadul lui Vodă ONOFRIICIUC IURI (PSRM)                       69.16% (1240 votes)

Vatra DANILA DENIS (PSRM)                                           66.42% (906 votes)

Commune Ciorescu SCRIPNIC IVAN (ACUM)                    78.88% (1916 votes)

Second round will be organized in other suburbs. 

General local elections were held in Moldova on Sunday, 20 October, #ALEGEPUBLIKA. The voting citizens elected their mayors and councilors in 1,969 polling stations open throughout Moldova. As a result of the local election, 898 mayors and 11,580 local councilors will be elected. 

Four uninominal constituencies also held new parliamentary elections. The voters from constituencies no. 17, 33, 48 and those in the district no. 50, Western Europe.

The latest information about these elections is updated on www.alegepublika.md, on our Youtube or Facebook page. 

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