#ALEGEPUBLIKA. Here's the list of localities where mayors were elected in first round

Several localities have selected their mayors in the first round with 100% votes. 

Independent candidate for the position of mayor in Cîșla village, Telenești district, Ion Borș picked up 100% of the votes (303 votes). He was the only candidate in the locality. 

The only candidate Valeriu Oboroc in Huluboaia village, Cahul district also gained 100% votes. 



The same situation was also registered in Cornova (Ungheni) with independent candidate Ștefan Roșca (342 votes - 100%); in Corjăuți (Briceni) with independent candidate Victor Andronic (1539 - 100%); in Arionești (Dondușeni) with Socialist candidate Victor Bețîvu (582 - 100%); in Pocrovca (Dondușeni) with Socialist candidate Ivan Rîlschin (569 - 100%). 

Totally there are 17 localities where only one candidate ran for the position of mayor. 

In addition, other 13 cities selected their mayors in the first round. 

Socialist Vitalii Gorodinschii gained 80.95% of the votes in Briceni. 


Socialist Victor Artamanciuc was elected mayor of Ocniţa with 53.50% of the votes. 


Candidate of Our Party party became mayor of Drochia with 63.83% of the votes. 

Candidate of Our Party party Stela Onuțu was elected mayor with  59,16% of votes in Glodeni.  

In Balti, candidate of Our Party party Renato Usatîi gained the most votes - 61.93%. 


Independent candidate Alexandru Ambros picked up 55.56% of votes (5.757) and became mayor of Ungheni.


In Orhei, Pavel Verejanu of Sor party gained 80.03% of votes, winning the race for Orhei Mayor. 



Independent candidate Valentina Casian gained 79.87% of votes in Străşeni. 

In Ialoveni, Sergiu Armașu gained 55.12% of the votes. 

Socialist candidate Serghei Anastasov won in Comrat with 94.58% of the votes. 

Independent candidate Nicolae Dandiş acquired 81.98% in Cahul

In Ceadîr-Lunga, Socialist candidate Anatoli Topal won the race. 

Candidate of Our Party Victor Petrioglo was elected Vulcănești mayor with 51.07% of the votes. 

General local elections were held in Moldova on Sunday, 20 October, #ALEGEPUBLIKA.

Meanwhile, four uninominal constituencies held new parliamentary elections. The voters from constituencies no. 17, 33, 48 and those in the district no. 50, Western Europe.

The latest information about these elections is updated on www.alegepublika.md, on our Youtube or Facebook page. 


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