ALARMING: One in ten women working abroad comes home because of health problems

The Moldovan women working abroad neglect their health, as the women living in rural areas give up treatments because of money shortage. One in ten disabled women lives in poverty. These are the results of a study named "Profilul femeilor din Republica Moldova" (The Profile of the Women from Moldova), made by the UN and the National Statistics Bureau.

1/3 of the migrant women fall ill abroad. One in ten has to give up her job because of health problems. Every third woman divorces or leaves her children to be cared about by relatives. However 90% of the women working abroad provide financial support to their families.

The study shows the women from villages suffers chronic diseases twice as often as the women from towns. One in three does not go to the doctor, nor having medical insurance, neither money for treatment.

Half of the women in villages work in agriculture.

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