Air Moldova transformed back to state-owned enterprise, announces President Dodon

Air Moldova will be nationalized, according to President Igor Dodon. The head of state announced after the meeting of Supreme Security Council on Thursday. New leadership of Air Moldova and representatives of Public Property Agency were also present at the event. 

"There are prerequisites and documents we argued already which allow us to annul the privatization accord of AIR Moldova. The state will initiate a lawsuit in this regard", mentioned Igor Dodon. 

According to the former Economy Minister Chiril Gaburici, Air Moldova was privatized in 2018 on the basis of the company's disastrous financial condition. 

The state company Air Moldova was released for privatization in the last autumn. Blue Air, a Bucharest-based Romanian private aviation company, owned the highest share, 49%. 

The value of the sale-purchase transaction exceeded the amount of 1.2 billion lei. 50 million lei was transferred to the state budget. The rest represents the debts of the company Air Moldova and the investor was obliged to pay.

According to statements made by Liberal Party leader Dorin Chirtoacă, Andrei Năstase would have harmed Moldova with a loss worth €7 million. He refers to the involvement of Nastase in the  privatization of Air Moldova, through which the German company Unistar Ventures, allegedly managed by Nastase's godfather Victor Țopa, acquired 49% of the airline's shares.

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