A.I startup developed by young people to represent Moldova in international Yep!DemoDay battle

Veezify, a startup based on artificial intelligence developed by a group of Moldovan young people, has won the first place at the international program Yep!Starter and will represent Moldova at the international Yep!DemoDay. The event will take place on December 19 in Kiev, Ukraine. 

Veezify is an application that aims to increase the productivity and efficiency of each employee by automating the distribution of tasks for execution.

"We came up with this idea after realizing this global problem of productivity. The application is universally valid. What we offer is the right task for the right person at the right time", said Cristian Rusu, Veezify CEO. 

The second team that will represent Moldova in Kiev international fight is Beck, an application that allows people to find the specialists they need in the shortest time. 

"I'm still a high school student though, I want to make something more than usual. It was the challenge to learn new knowledge and manage our busy schedule in the short period of time, but we succeed!", said Mitu Milena, chief human resources officer of Beck.

Experts in innovation and startups were invited at the event: Dumitru Gangaliuc, RIIFT Studio CEO and founder, Dorina Ciobanu, business consultant, and Andrii Zaikin, Yep! founder.

According to Andrii Zaikin, the program’s mission is to offer Moldovan young people entrepreneurial skills and basic knowledge.

“The Moldovan young people, students in both universities and high schools are very good at doing brainstorming, they are truly creative and always think outside the box. However, they have difficulty in bringing an idea from concept to production. They have big potential to create but no skills to set up a business”, said Andrii Zaikin.

He also said that in order to develop the economy, the main challenge facing Moldova and Ukraine is to change the mindset.

“We have to change our education system, to teach the young people entrepreneurial mindset from a very early age, teach them how to innovate, how to fail”, added Andrii Zaikin.

YEP!Starter, an Ukrainian entrepreneurship program where you will create your own startup with business mentors` support in 3 months, is implemented by the NIKA Responsible Business Generation, founded by Viorica Cerbusca, in partnership with Garage48 and funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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