Agriculture Minister Vasile Bîtca met with students from State Agrarian University of Moldova

Farmers have begun depending more and more on new technologies that can geneate more income without harming the environment. This is what students from State Agrarian University of Moldova who met with Minister Vasile Bâtca believe.

The new specialists believes that organic agriculture is the safest investment.

"It is a new thing on the market, organic produce, without fertilizers and pesticides that are more expensive and in demand."

"Protecting the vegetation is what I study. I prefer things to be more biologic and with less chemicals. It is also healthier for people."

"Growing livestock. Even more exotic animal, such a ostrich. For meat and eggs."

"I believe it is Moldova's main source of income. Agriculture is a well developed field and it will bring a prosper future."

Minister of Agriculture, Vasile Bîtca, gave advice to students and told them of possible financing in this area.

"Even with the help of Agency for Intervention and Payments for Agriculture we have over 238 million lei. At the same time with IFAD, a Ministry's project, we have invested through credits over 7.9 million US dollars" Minister Vasile Bîtca said.

At the end, the youth wished to forever memorize this moment by taking pictures with the official.

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