Agriculture Minister of Romania: ANSA's mistake caused 200 pigs to be stuck at customs

National Food Safety Agency from Moldova has introduced an additional document without notifying neighbor countries, causing an issue. Minister of Agriculture of Romania, Petre Daea, claims that this caused 200 pigs to be stuck at Albița customs since Saturday.

The official added that State Sanitary Veterinary Agency for Safety of Products of Animal Origin from Romania, together with the exporter, are currently in Chisinau to solve the problem.

Daea wished to mention that the animals are currently being kept in a shelter from the customs where they are taken care of, fed and watered.

The pigs were going from Romania and heading to an abattoir from Republic of Moldova, but were stopped at customs service for lacking all the necessary documents.

The truck's driver wished to return back, but was not allowed to pass the Romanian border either. Due to African Swine Fever outbreak, the legislation forbids entrance into the country of pigs, be they alive or butchered.

Therefore, the animals were stuck in the no-man's-land.

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