Agreement signed. European Union to finance public administration reform in Moldova

Prime Minister Pavel Filip and European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn, have signed the financing on the program of support for public administration reform in Moldova.

During the ceremony, Prime Minister Pavel Filip said that the government will do everything possible to ensure transparency in the use of these funds.

The Premier also noted that the presence of the European Commissioner in our country is a recognition of the efforts made by the Government.

"I want to thank the official commissioner because he is the one who came up with the idea of elaboration of the roadmap in the relationship between Moldova and the EU. It is an outstretched hand to Moldova by the European Union. The roadmap gave us the opportunity to be credible to the partners. The discussions we had this morning focused on the agenda of reforms and European integration. It is a undeniable moment with the EU, a knowledge of government efforts. Together with Mr Johannes Hahn, we learned that we advanced in implementing the roadmap and in negotiations with the IMF. Public administration reform is a complex and very important reform who will be the foundation for other reforms in Moldova ", said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

Also today, the European commissioner for neighborhood policy and enlargement negotiations Johannes Hahn will meet with Parliament Speaker Adrian Candu.

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