Aggressive protest in support of Renato Usatii. Publika TV journalists attacked (PHOTO)

Dozens of supporters of Renato Usatîi have protested on December 2nd in the Râşcani sector of the capital, while the request of lawyers on the mayor of Balti town was examined.

Not all demonstrators knew why they were protesting and the action ended with attacks against journalists of Publika TV.

Usatîi's supporters protested while the magistrates were examining the approach which was challenged the initiating of the criminal prosecution on behalf of the leader of "Our Party" party.

Reporter: Why is Usatîi accused of?
Manifestant: Many accusations can be invented.
Reporter: And yet what are the charges? 
Manifestant: I do not know. But I watch TV and I know that he is not guilty of anything.

Manifestant: We call for the release of Renato Usatâi. We do not want him to be judged.
Reporter: You want him released?
Manifestant: Yes.
Reporter: Was he arrested?
Manifestant: No, he's not yet arrested. He is in Russia. And we seek for him to come back in Moldova.

The lawyer of Renato Usatîi claims that prosecutors illegally resumed the investigation for the mayor of Balti town.

Usatîi's supporters protest has ended with attacks on Publika TV journalists.

Member of the "Our Party", Nicolai Tipova tried to push a Publika TV reporter in the crowd and to dispossess his microphone and threw an object into the journalist.

PUBLIKA.MD recalls that Renato Usatîi is wanted for attempted murder of Russian banker Gherman Gorbuntov, but also for attempting to influence the testimony of the alleged killer. The mayor of Balti town was announced in international search. 

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