After-birth graffiti -- a long-lasting tradition in Balti maternity

The walls of the maternity in the northern town of Balti have become a real album of memories. After having a child born, the parents feel the urge to write about this on the walls: the name, weight and length of the baby.

The doctors say this is a long-lasting tradition.

"We can understand them, but the last years the phenomenon has become uglier: people started to write with big letters. May we should set a billboard for them to write with chalkor markers," said the chief of the hospital, Petru Nedelciuc.

"We verify the, we make them wipe off the writings, but alas," said the doctor Sevastian Galbur.

People on the street think the happy parents should express their joy otherwise, while the police urge the parents not to write on walls because it is hooliganism.

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