Adrian Candu: Maia Sandu is not saint, she plays dirty game in politics of Republic of Moldova

Maia Sandu is not a saint, she plays a dirty game in the Moldovan politics. This was Adrian Candu's reaction after Maia Sandu, the leader of PAS requested the criminal investigation
of Vlad Plahotniuc, on usurping the power.

''At the beginning I was saying that we won't attack the far-right parties, but in the case we are attacked by them, we will do the same. I am saying it with regret and compassion, because Maia Sandu is not saint, she just plays a dirty game in the Moldovan politics. We should not forget that Maia Sandu comes from such a party as PLDM, the most corrupted party from Moldova. Probably, Maia Sandu is an overdone human, as she comes from this party. She took part from at the disaster made by the PLDM. When the party was making the disaster at the leading of the country, she was tolerating everything, she was silent. She tolerated the corruption schemes and the bank fraud. If she tried to be honest, she would have left from politics'', said Adrian Candu, the President of the Parliament.

At the same time, Adrian Candu said he regrets that the leader of the PAS makes a performance where she pretends she is honest, she should have better left the politics.

''We should remind her that her colleagues and her chief involved in all the telephonic discussion of the FISC about financial controls. She should remind all the discussions of her party colleagues. She should not pretend she is honest. I am wondering why didn't she stopped all the disaster that happened after PLDM's schemes'', added the President of the Parliament.

Prosecutor's Office for Fighting against Organized Criminality and Special Causes didn't find a basis to initiate Vlad Plahotniuc's criminal investigation.

The prosecutors talked with many public functionaries, as the Prime Minister, the Chief of the Legislative and many others, who denied Maia Sandu's stipulations.

PUBLIKA.MD mentions that through a press release, PDM reacted on Maia Sandu's accusation and qualified them as a denigration act.

 ''The PDM and the Government want to stop the disaster in the educational system, started by Maia Sandu. The schools that were closed without a reason leaded to a social catastrophe'', said the PDM's representatives.

Moreover, the democrats reminded Maia Sandu about her political past.

Over the time, the press found many illegalities made by the PLDM members. Vlad Filat, Maia Sandu's chiefvand her party colleagues were planning fraud schemes to satisfy their interests.

More than that, when Vlad Filat was a prime minister, he obliged Nicolae Vicol, the chief of the FISC, to block the accounts of Dmitrii Constantinov's company. 

Maia Sandu participated at the parliamentary elections from 2014, as a candidate of Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova.

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