Administration of Penitentiary No. 13 requested Appeals Court to suspend execution of decision on Filat's release

Spokesman for the National Administration of Penitentiaries Oleg Pantea told Publika TV that new acting director of Penitentiary no.13 Fiodor Morari requested the Appeals Court to suspend the execution of the decision ruled by the Chisinau Court on the early release of Vlad Filat. 

On a TV show last night, Justice Minister Fadei Nagacevschi also said the court decision would be challenged. 

"This decision is subject to an appeal by the Court of Appeal. We will understand more when we know the decision of the court", said Fadei Nagacevschi.

According to lawyer Viorel Berliba, the action of the administration of Penitentiary No. 13 is illogical because the application to reduce prison term was sent to this institution. 

Ex-Premier Vlad Filat declined to comment on this issue. 

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