ACUM-PSRM alliance voted for brokers'comeback as car insurance got costly

 PSRM-ACUM alliance has voted a new project law regarding car insurance in the first and reading reading Friday. Accordingly, brokers could sell RCA insurance and Green Paper. Until now, drivers buy them directly from insurance companies without paying intermediary commissions. 

PPDA deputy Igor Munteanu reasoned the legislature initiative from the fact that after 2018 modification, insurance and brokers market had to suffer a lot. 

Democrat Andrian Candu highlighted that the proposal would affect citizens due to its higher price. 

"Democratic Party decline to support this law modification", added the PDM deputy. 

Sor deputy Marina Tauber insisted to know that RCA car insurance will increase. 

"My question is how much this legislative initiative would affect the market", asked Marina Tauber.

According to President of Commission of Economy, Budget and Finance, Igor Munteanu, profound analysis would be publicized in the next period. 

Since February 1, it banned the brokers from receiving commissions of car insurance sale whose price decreased 15%. 


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