ACUM MPs are against investigating if Russia illegally funds PSRM

ACUM MPs didn't vote for creating a commission to check whether it is true or false if Russia funds Russia.

"We are the eyewitnesses of some evidence regarding some huge amounts of money that come from abroad. These activities and declarations fit with the crimes and can not be forgotten", mentioned Vladimir Cebotari within the plenary session of the Parliament.

We remind that Publika TV has some video evidence proving that PSRM if funded by Russia. Igor Dodon said that information within his meeting with Vlad Plahotniuc, DPM chairman.

After the reveals of Igor Dodon regarding the foreign funding of PSRM, DPM announced that they will request the authorities to bring out to life this information.

At the same time, Renato Usatii, the leader of the party declared for a talk show at TV8 that the unofficial leader of PSRM has many belongings in Russia and Crimea.

The law of the political parties says that the funding can't be provided by persons who have foreign incomes. Not even the foreigners can donate money.

Also, the elections code forbids the direct funding from other countries.


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