ACUM leaders threaten with protest over gas supply issue: It's likely we will suffer the cold without heating in January

Maia Sandu, leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity, is calling on colleagues in Parliament to urgently request the Economy Minister to clarify when Moldova will agree technical details with the gas operators from Romania and Ukraine. 

 "Only three weeks left until a new year begins but Russia and Ukraine have not yet reached a gas transit agreement, there is a risk we will suffer the cold without heating in January. We have identified two alternative solutions: The gas supply on Transbalkanic route and the gas purchase from Naftogaz. On November 12, when the government was dismissed by the Democratic Party and the Socialist Party, we were to conclude talks with the operators from Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria. The discussion with Romania and Ukraine have been frozen since then. The disastrous foreign policy implemented by the Dodon's Government endangers the country's energy security", shows the message of former PM Maia Sandu. 

At the Monday's press conference, PPDA President Andrei Nastase said "Moldova Gaz must sign a transit contract with Ukraine before Moldova will have to purchase gas from countries other than Russia". PPDA will take to the street unless his suggestions are taken into account, the politician stressed.

"We reserve the right to initiate a mass protest to determine the resignation and criminal liability of all the responsible.


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