ACUM bloc's supporters express indignant at politicians they promoted

After two months sine alliance ACUM-PSRM came to power, many of the party supporters are deeply disappointed at this alliance deputies. 

On a Facebook post, political analyst Dionis Cenuşa writes that "foreign policy balanced promoted by PSRM and ACUM bloc represents factually a widely known multi-dimensional policy which Dodon opts for years, in the form of (semi) camouflage". 

"I wonder if bloc ACUM knows this contribution with Socialists to this thing or pretends not hearing not reading?", added Dionis Cenuşa.

Another supporter expresses indignant at politicians who he promoted in governance. 

"About Andrei Nastase and Maia Sandu, nothing's left to me but a wish of health for them. I no longer want to look at them. Bye", said Eduard Balan.

Journalist Vitalie Călugăreanu also criticizes the new governance. 

"Contest for interim general prosecutor is funny. You're abnormal". 

While other supporters are angry when Justice Minister Olesea Stamate is on annual leave just after a month working. 

According to Uniunea Salvaţi Basarabia party President Valeriu Munteanu, this annual leave is authorized personally by prime minister. 

"It's contemptible that a minister leaves the works behind and rush to relax, just after a month of activity, especially in parliamentary session."





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