ACUM Block is giving Ion Terguta another chance for the parliamentary elections

Ion Terguta has another chance. The ACUM Block again submitted his candidacy for the repeated parliamentary elections from Nisporeni, after the Democrat Vlad Plahotniuc gave up his MP mandate.

'After the ACUM Block members dialogue, PPDA and PAS from Nisporeni, have come to a common sense to further support the same candidate, Ion Terguta on October 20 along with the local elections from the district No.17 of Nisporeni', Dima Lazar wrote.
PUBLIKA.MD reminds that at the parliamentary elections of February 24 2019, Vlad Plahotniuc won in No.17 Nisporeni - Straseni district. The politician gained over 72% of votes. Ion Terguta from ACUM Block wasn't even close, gaining 18% of votes.
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