Actual Finance Minister will check how convenient are First Home and Good Roads projects

The so called illegal Government of Maia Sandu and its Finances minister, Natalia Gavrilita intend to check how good are First House and Good Roads for Moldova projects, writes

Gavrilita says that these decisions were taken without any transparency and are not good for the citizens.

"We will concentrate on two main criteria: how good it is for the citizens and on the other side, for the state budget", mentioned Natalia Gavrilita.


PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the last year, Good Roads for Moldova repaired 1.600 kilometers of roads.

According to the authorities, 2,600 kilometers of roads should be repaired this year.


First house project was launched in March, last year. Due to this year, the young aged up to 45 will buy a dwelling worth at least one million lei.

Thus, the loan is more accessible. The first rate is 10% and the interest rate is 6%.

The state workers benefit of a 50% discount of the loan. The large families also receive big discounts.


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