Acting Mayor Silvia Radu urged Heads of sectors to leave office to check clean-up in city

Heads of sectors in Capital have been urged to leave office to check the cleaning in the city. Acting Mayor Silvia Radu are unhappy that many streets and areas remain dirty. 

The staff has checked the clean-up work and demand the heads of sectors to solve the problems but the expected results are not seen.

The Mayor also mentioned that we have budget for cleaning but it's not used. 

"Please the clean-up should not be ended on March 31 but continued further on permanently. It's our duty to maintain the city clean", said Silvia Radu, interim mayor of Chisinau.

Earlier, Ciocana sector Head Galina Bostan was dismissed. Silvia Radu made an unannounced visit to the Ciocana sector and found that the Head did not manage the clean-up process. The vice-president of the sector, Anatolii Portnoi, was also dismissed.


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