Abundant snowfall increases profit of sledges salesmen. How much does it cost and what traders say

The abundant snowfall of the past few days has increased the profit of the sleeper salesmen.

People have rushed into markets and shops, to the joy of traders: 

"A snowdrop for the little boy. We are very glad to have the snow come". 

"The baby is small and now we need a sled, important to stay in it".

"You've managed to find something? Yes, I found it, but it's too expensive. If the snow melts, what do I do with her?"

If some of the sconce prices seemed to be exaggerated, others said they were very affordable:

"It's not great, it's not great, after our life, it's good, especially because we do not buy sleigh all year".

"Prices are normal, there are prices for each pocket and 200 and 700". 

At the market, the price for a sled varies between 250 and 800 lei.

"We have different models of sleighs, different manufacturers, different prices. They are backed, they have a handle." 

And shovels are in great demand during this period. However, traders say last year they had more sales:

"I think they have it last year, someone keeps them, somebody breaks them, it breaks them, they come and buy one". 

"Now I have cleaned the car with my hand, I also need a shovel for me. It's 120 lei, it's good, it's easy". 

The price for a shovel starts at 80 lei.


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