About 200.000 public servants will receive higher salaries since December. Draft law was approved by Government

Approximately 200 000 public servants will receive bigger salaries since December 1 and actual wage system will be reformed, according to the draft law approved by Government. No employee in the from the country will have a salary less than 2000 lei, as long as it will make the minimum amount necessary for a decent living next year. The reform will eliminate wage discrimination among budgets. So far, the lowest remuneration was 1200 lei and the highest - almost 36 000 lei.

"All employees from the public sector will enjoy salary increases every year. No one will lose out of current public sector employees if by virtue of this assessment their position has fallen below the pay scale, the employee will receive compensation to bring salary to the average level found in 2018", said Octavian Armasu, Minister of Finance.

Employees will be remunerated based on a system of payroll grades steps of wages and the salary will have a fixed part and the variable part, which will depend on the employee's performance and the specific aspects of his work.

"I worked a lot and I think that this law will be a basis for the salary increase for those who receive salary from state budget, thus giving them a fair salary system", said Prime-Minister Pavel Filip.

To increase salaries, only in 2019, the state budget will give 1,3 billion lei.

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