About 17,000 hidden and undeclared cigarettes, detained at customs. Where those were supposed to arrive

Customs officers, helped by specialized Customs dogs, prevented two attempts to illegally remove cigarettes from the country, hidden from customs control. The cases took place in Costesti and Chisinau International Airport, with a total of 16,860 undeclared cigarettes, of various brands, with an excise stamp of Republic of Moldova.

The search from Costesti was reported after the customs officers redirected for a further check the car of a resident of Chisinau, which was part of the customs record system. The suspects of the customs officers were also confirmed by the service quadruped who reacted to the glove compartment. Thus, as a result of its dismantling, customs officers detected 13,860 cigarettes.

The tobacco products and the car have been detained, and the man will pay a fine of up to 4,500 lei.

The other 3,000 cigarettes were discovered in the suitcase of a passage of the Chisinau - Rome air route. Customs officers discovered them in the baggage scanning, being alerted by the specialized dog of the Customs.

The lot was detained for further research and the woman was chosen with a fine of 3,000 lei.

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