A year from fire on Uzinelor street

A year had passed from the fire that took the life of the fireman Ivan Nagailic and an emloyee from the storage on the Uzinelor street from the Capital. In the fireman's memorium, the General Inspectorate of Emergency Situations of MAI commemorated the victims at the Arhanghelul Mihail si Gavril church.

The relatives and colleagues of the two victims commemorated them. The leading of IGSU mentioned  the heroism of the firemen within the liquidation of the fire.

The leading and the colleagues of Ivan Nagailic went to the cemetery where Ivan was buried. The fireman Ivan Nagailic was working at the Republican Center of Operative Interventions af the Firemen Direction.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that a year ago, a fire took place in a storage from Ciocana sector of the Capital. The fire has spread really fast on the building's walls.

The expertise showed that the fire was provoked by a short circuit that happend because of the use of heating appliances without respecting the fire rules.

Hundreds of firemen risked their lives to extinguish the fire and escape the employees of the storage.

Ivan Nagailic died at the place of the fire. The 28 year old savior had two children. He had fallen from a three meters height, because of the reduced visibility. 

His colleagues tried for 40 minutes to release him. 


Many people from the social media had mobilized and gathered goods and money for the family of the fireman. The President of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc showed his solidarity with the fireman's family. His fundation, Edelwiess offered them 150 000 lei as a material help.

In the fire from the Uzinelor street also died a 44 year old woman who was found after the liquidation of the fire and other six person were hospitalzied.

The fire was liquidated after 27 hours. The fire was the biggest in the last 40 years.

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