A woman was EATEN ALIVE by a group of 100 vicious stray dogs in front of her son

A 65-year-old mother was mauled to death by a group of 100 stray dogs who ripped parts of her arms and legs off while she visited her local beach, reports Daily Mail.

According to witnesses the tragic woman, named as Siluvamma, was walking on the beach in Pulluvila in Kerala, south India, when the dogs set upon her.

The huge pack of animals attacked the helpless woman and her son Selvan tried to rescue his mother but was forced to escape by jumping in the sea. 

He was unable to save his mother after some of the pack chased after him and told reporters: 'My mother went to the beach at night. As she did not return, I went out searching for her. What I saw was shocking. She was being attacked by over 100 stray dogs. She was bleeding all over the body.'

By the time her son and others eventually forced to dogs to retreat, his mother had already been bitten numerous of times and witnesses claimed parts of her arms and legs had been bitten off.

The woman was rushed to a local hospital but died on the way, reports The Hindu newspaper. 

Meanwhile, just minutes after the tragic incident, a 52-year-old woman called Daisy was also attacked by stray dogs on the same seafront.   

The feral dogs live close to beach because they feed on raw meat which is left there. 

The state of Kerala has a high population of stray dogs and at least 100,000 people have been attacked by them.   

In 2015, the state government allowed for the mass slaughter of stray dogs, leading to the culling of close to 50,000 of the animals.

Despite international outrage, the government had refused to ban the practice.

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