A priest in Chisinau fined 25,000 lei for violating anti-coronavirus rules

A priest in Chisinau has been fined 25,000 lei for violating the rules imposed by the Moldovan  Metropolitan Church. 


According to the new rules, priests should use sterile gloves to hand over the holy bread and change daily the holy water. They must disinfect as well the baptismal font used during the baptism. 

The anointing will be done with single-serve sticks. Moreover, the tradition of kissing the priest's hand and the cross is banned. Clergies are encouraged, instead, to touch the parishioners' heads with a sign of blessing.

Meanwhile, church servants will have to regularly ventilate the holy places, disinfect the icons, furniture and door handles. 

Also, they should check body temperature and disinfect their hands as often as possible. 




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