A non-governmental organization launches national campaign of recruiting parental assistants

“You were born in my soul”. This was the title of the national campaign of recruiting parental assistants for children up to 3 years old and those with special needs launched today, 4 October 2016. The event was organized by a non-governmental organization, with the support of the Ministry of Social Protection and of UNICEF Moldova.

The specialists claim that before becoming parental assistants, the volunteers are passing an evaluation and special preparation process.

The Ministry of Labor mentioned that this kind of actions are offering another chance for children needing help to have a decent life.

“In the last ten years, in Moldova took place a reform of the residential system, the results were extraordinary even in the regional context: from 12,000 children in institutions, now we have under two thousand children in institutions. These children who were left in institutions are children mostly of young age, of 0-3 years and children with disabilities” declared the Minister of Labor, Family and Social Protection, Stela Grigoras.

In present, in Moldova are over 445 families of parental assistants in which over 980 children are placed.

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