A new sterilization of stray-dogs campaign to begin in the Capital

In the Capital will begin a stray-dog-sterilization campaign. 25 US veterinarians were invited to execute the surgeries for free. Authorities estimates that daily will be sterilized about 100 stray dogs.

The transport will be also offered to carry the dogs to the sterilization center. This is the second mission of this kind in this year.

A month ago, three Romanian doctors operated four dogs an hour for three days and also trained our veterinarians.

According to the authorities, in the last 11 years no dog has been sterilized. This summer will begin other two campaigns of the same kind.

Now, the Capital stray dog shelter hosts 200 dogs. In those shelters they are being sterilized and housed for five days until recovery, afterwards they are being released back in the streets.


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