A new life campaign in Stefan Voda. What did mothers receive?

Edelweiss foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc continues to take care about the children and the young families. A new life campaign arrived in Stefan Voda and brought present boxes to the mothers of the newborns.

"There are many necessary things here. Towels, pampers. This campaign is very useful", mentioned a mother.

"I think that each mother is glad that she receives such a present box", said a mother.

"I like it very much. -Did you see what is inside the box? -Yes. There are many necessary things here", said a mother.

The local authorities from Stefan Voda say that they support the mothers. 

"I want to thank all the citizens of Stefan Voda and the mothers I see today", declared Nicolae Molozea, the president of Stefan Voda district.

"We are glad that we can see these beautiful emotions of these women", said Lidia Cucos, the vice director of Edelweiss foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc.

A new life campaign visited over 17 thousand newborns. The campaign is implemented in 24 maternity wards from the country.

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