A looming catastrophe. Garbage keeps on accumulating in Chisinau

Over 2,500 tonnes of garbage lie in block yards in Moldova’s capital, as people from nearby Bubuieci villages go on blocking the access of garbage trucks to the dump.

The issue will be discussed by Prime Minister Pavel Filip with the locals from Bubuieci. The authorities plan to reopen another dump, near the Ţânţăreni village. 

Chisinau folks are scared the garbage may become a source of infections, as medical authorities warn the garbage gathering may lead to an increase in the number of rodents and insects.

The weather forecasting service Hidrometeo says the air is not yet polluted, while the manager of the garbage carrying municipal company says the drivers are ready to start working any time.

The authorities hope to convince the Bubuieci inhabitants to allow storing the waste till September 30 and promise to build them a water cleaning facility.

"After the last truck discharges the waste, the dump will be covered with clay and trees will be planted. The water cleaning facility will work for about 15-25 years,” said deputy mayor of Chisinau, Nistor Grozavu.

To start reusing the Ţânţăreni dump, the Government must declare that plot of land as public property.

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