A group of Moldovans robbed luxury homes in Germany and Italy. Damage is 20 MILLION EURO

A criminal group, including several Moldovans, specializing in theft of luxury homes in the EU, was destroyed by law enforcement. Our fellow countrymen are documented for robberies and robberies in particularly large proportions.

More specifically, Moldovans have developed criminal activity on the territory of several EU Member States, especially in Germany and Italy.

They were blowing up and stealing in movies from luxury homes and shops in the land of Hamburg. They also stole expensive cars and spare parts for luxury cars.

The damage caused by criminals is about 20 million.

From houses, thieves stole precious metals, expensive jewels, large amounts of money, art objects, and other goods. Everything that they stole from the EU countries, the suspects brought to Republic of Moldova by smuggling.

As a result, a criminal case was started on this case, and several searches were made yesterday. As a result, two people have been detained, and other suspects are being searched. 

Several luxury items were stolen and brought to the country after the descents.

The offenders had a well-defined scheme. They entered the people's houses on the roof.  They knew how to install the alarm systems, position the sensors and how to bypass them. The thieves found the vulnerable point on the roof, entering the houses and stealing stunning sums of money and valuable items.

"At a break point, the defendants have left DNA traces, and we have learned that we have business with citizens of the Republic of Moldova." The contact with the Moldovan authorities was established through Europol, and several meetings were held in recent months with the authorities Moldova, with the police, but also with the prosecutor's office", said Michael Meumanu, representative of the National Investigation Inspectorate in Hamburg.

According to the law enforcement bodies of our country, in this case there are 17 figures, all Moldovans. Criminals have a criminal record. 

For smuggling, suspects risk 3 to 10 years in prison, and for money laundering from 5 to 10 years of jail. For the creation and leadership of the criminal group from 8 to 15 years of detention.

The destruction of the criminal group was possible due to the collaboration of INI, PCCOCS prosecutors and representatives of the Prosecution and Police of Hamburg and Europol.

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