A few days left before the law of banning smoking will be enabled

One week left before the law of banning smoking in public and private places will come into force . It's execution will be discussed today by the National Coordination Council on Smoking Control, headed by Vice-Premier Giorgi Brega.

The government hopes to help citizens, that smoke to give up this habit. From June, 1, physicians will sturt consulting   on dangers and consequences of smoking. The materials, regarding this information have already appeared in   the hospitals. If necessary, smokers might be directed to the drug clinic.

On May, 31 the law of banning smoking in bars, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as in the workplaces will come into force. For this law violation as smokers and the institutions' owners will be punished by the Government.

Smoking in public transport, including taxis, bus stops, recreation places, playgrounds, stadiums and squares during the events wil be forbidden as well. Forbiddance also applies to the entrances of the houses and staircases.

The law allows smoking on the terraces and in the  areas, specially equipped for this, located at least in 10 meters from the entrance to the institution.

The enterprises will be punished for legal irregularity by a penalty up to 10 thousands leis (500 $), while the smokers themselves - up to 1,400 leis (70 $).

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