A driver from capital found his car vandalized after few moments

Bad luck for a driver from the Capital. He left his car unattended for a few moments, and when he returned he found him vandalized. The incident occurred last night around 1:00 pm in the Buiucani sector.

The man parked his car in front of a leisure place, where he came to spend time with his buddies. Great was the amazement when he came out and found a door of the open vehicle, and an unknown individual inside.

The driver immediately realized the type of hooligan's intentions and alerted the police.

Shortly, a patrol and operative reactive battalion crew moved on the scene to investigate the case. At the scene of the incident, the cops handcuffed the suspect, then led him to the Inspectorate.

At the hearings, the owner of the BMW model car said that nothing was stolen from him because the perpetrator was caught in time. The Guardian Broadcast Reporter tried to talk to the suspect, but he cursed the whole team.

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