A doctor at Pruncul Penitentiary, who killed a woman because of negligence, stands trial

A doctor from Penitentiary will stand trial being accused of malpractice. The criminal investigation into this case has been completed and sent to the court.

According to prosecutors, in 2017, during the biopsy of a 27-year-old prisoner, the doctor has negligently violated the rules and methods of granting medical assistance. So, in two hours the woman died.

According to the report of judicial expertise, the death of the prisoner arose as a result of anaphylactic shock - an allergic reaction to the introduction of anesthetic drugs, which is confirmed by other pathological changes detected at necropsy and confirmed by histological laboratory data.

The 43-year-old doctor has been in office since 2010, and if found guilty, the doctor risks three years in prison with or without deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or to practice a particular job on a within 2 to 5 years.
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