"A day" with Metropolitan bishop Vladimir. Unknown details about head of Moldovan Orthodox Church

 Metropolitan Vladimir doesn't watch television for almost two years already, but gathers information from social networks. This is just one of disclosures that the ehad of the Orthodoc Church in Moldova revealed to the journalist Cristian Tabara.

The team of the "A day" show followed his Holiness step by step and caught him in unusual surroundings. The Metropolitan Vladimir has showed his apartment, which is located on the second floor of the Metropolitan.

"Here is my bed, where I have pleasent dreams, icon of the Capriana monastery, a small room in the corner where I pray every day. Here we have a small chapel where I pray in lent" , said Metropolitan of Chisinau and all Moldova, Vladimir

Metropolitan boasts a big wardrobe with dozens of dresses of various colors and decorated with gold thread miter and icons. Although he is characterized as a great Christian, wordly pleasures are not foreign to him.

"I would like to know what is happening in the country, what happens in the church and then I search the Facebook site,I don't write anything unless I like something I push the like button. I have registered with my name on facebook, who knows it can be my friend" , said Metropolitan Vladimir.

Favorite car of his Holiness is the sport one. As he says, it is easier to reach to Colencăuţi village, native village in Ukraine, where his parents are buried.

Metropolitan Vladimir was the hero of the second edition of the "A day" show at Prime channell, the show, which exclusively shows what happens in life of personalities in the country.

Learn more details in the issue: Metropolitan Vladimir on the "A day" show on Prime Channel.

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