A criminal group, revealed. They were organizing illegal migration to Israel requesting 7 000 USD

A criminal group, formed by two former and two legal entity members were arrested by the prosecutors. 

During the 2015 and 2017, they were organizing illegal entrances and exits of Moldovans to Israel.

The defendants were meeting with the potential migrants to explain the working agreement conditions on the territory of Israel. For their services they were requesting 7 000 USD from each person.

For the necessary document, the criminal group turned to commercial societies that were organizing the falsification of the necessary documents.

In court, the defendants have recognized their fault. They ended up with a fine worth 500 000 MDL.

Also, the defendants were deprived of the right to engage in touristic activities and to provide services of employment abroad on a 4 year term.

Also, within the verdict was permitted to confiscate from the defendants in forced and granted form in the state property a sum worth 71.340 USD that were made by providing illegal services. 


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