A couple from Ştefan Vodă are celebrating their golden anniversary

Demianov spouses from Ştefan Vodă have spend 50 years together. The husband used to be a Physical Education teacher and fell in love at first sight, only by seeing his future wife's photo. It took a year before the two officially met. Now, 50 years later they claim to be fulfilled and happy.

"I saw her for the first time in a photo album of a colleague. I saw her and did not say a work. For a year I kept my mouth shut" Petru Demianov confessed.

Only a year later, the man gained the courage to invite her to dinner.

"We spoke a bit in the hall and I declared that I wish to marry her. There was no rush. I offered her time to think" Petru Demianov declared.

Margareta retells how she did not accept the offer, but it made her think of the future.

"It made me think. I dated previously. I was simply charmed by his sense of humor. He knew how to manage any situation and was very patient. It was obviously that he was set to win my heart" Margareta Demianov said.  

The pair have three children, having lost one seven years ago. Petru and Margareta also have eight grandchildren, six of them being now in their care, after they daughter passed away.

"They didn't abandoned us, but took us in, guided and taught us. They are our world" granddaughter, Corina Talmazan said.

"The most important lesson they gave me is to be a kind person" grandson Tudor Talmazan declared.

For their golden anniversary, th spouses decided to renew their vows.

The ceremony was organized by the district's Civil Services, along with the City Hall and the Veterans Council. The spouses have also received a gift from the City Hall.

"We bring you a small gift, which we hope will help shelter your wish to be with one another" deputy Mayor of Ștefan Vodă city, Sergiu Moloman said.

"A golden diploma offered for love and sincerity, for wisdom and fidelity, for the good deeds you have done and for the 50 years you have spend together" Mayor of Ștefan Vodă, Gheorghe Anghel said.

Demianov spuses are confident that they will reach their platinum anniversary.

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