A cooperation agreement between Border Police General Inspectorate and Environmental Protection Inspectorate was signed today at Chisinau

A cooperation agreement between the General Inspectorate of the Border Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Environment Protection Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Development, Regional and Environment was signed today in Chisinau.

The main objectives of this Agreement are the development of partnership activities in the field of border security, combating cross-border crime, compliance with the rules of the state border regime as well as environmental protection and rational use of natural resources in the border area. 

The cooperation between the Parties shall be carried out on the reference areas taking into account 
compliance with the legislation of both Parties, exchange of information, formation of mixed groups, provision of specific activities, planning and implementation of coordinated actions in order to ensure joint operations in order to counteract illegal actions according to the competences of the border area. Also, verification of the effectiveness of the cooperation will be done by conducting joint assessments on the ground, analyzing reports on cooperative missions and other methods that highlight the relevance of organized and joint activities.

"Today's event derives from the sustainable opportunity for the personalized activity we carry out daily at the border, and it certainly benefits only if we refer to the experience of cooperation so far". The commitment of border guards will continue to be involved in various actions to prevent and combat crimes and contraventions on the responsibility sector, as well as providing specialized assistance at central and territorial level in complex cases in the field of competence", said Fredolin Lecari, head of the Border Police.

In this context, Gheorghe Manjeru, Head of MADRM Environmental Protection Inspectorate, praised the signing of the Cooperation Agreement, noting the responsibility for the field of activity and ensuring, within the limits of the resources and possibilities, the means of transport and craft during the organization and carrying out of actions inspection and control complexes in difficult-to-reach areas. 

The parties have been mutually successful in their core work, relying on attitude, responsibility and joint support on the areas for which collaboration is achieved.

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